Zoomer Zuppies [Scarlet]

Vendor: Spin Master

Type: Electronic petsMinimum age recommended: 5 yearsTarget Audience: unisex-childrenCharacter: Your Very Own Personal Pup Create a unique bond with your own Zoomer Zuppy tea-cup pup! Each Zoomer Zuppy has a...


Type: Electronic pets
Minimum age recommended: 5 years
Target Audience: unisex-children
Your Very Own Personal Pup Create a unique bond with your own Zoomer Zuppy tea-cup pup! Each Zoomer Zuppy has a distinct personality, just like you. If you like to be glam and artsy, then Scarlet is the Zuppy meant just for you. Give Scarlet lots of cuddles and tummy scratches to show just how much you care. The more you nurture and play, the happier Scarlet will be and the more fun tricks Scarlet will share with you. She even comes with stickers so you can customize her look. Bring home a bundle of puppy joy with your very own cute and cuddly Scarlet Zoomer Zuppy! Zuppies Have Moods Just like us, Scarlet experiences different emotions and moods, which you can affect by your interactions together. You don?t want Scarlet to get sad or angry. Nurturing and cuddling your new pup will keep Scarlet happy. Scarlet is the glam and artsy one, but all of the Zoomer Zuppy pups each have a distinct personality, just like you! Glam, edgy, funky, quirky, sweet, and more . .. Find the Zuppy that suits your style best and make him or her your own. Your Zuppy Reacts to Touch Pet, play, and wave your hand, and Scarlet will react and respond accordingly. Scratch Scarlet?s chest and you?ll be rewarded with happy barks and panting noises. Press Scarlet?s nose and back buttons in different combinations to activate various reactions and activities. Scarlet will also interact with big brother Zoomer! Zuppies Play Music Tap Scarlet?s back and nose and you?ll get a musical treat! Scarlet loves to play songs and you can enjoy a dance party together. You can even make your own custom music by adding barks to the track. Just tap Scarlet?s head when you want to bark to the beat. How about changing Scarlet?s instrument sound from piano to guitar and back? You and Scarlet can make beautiful music, together! Scarlet is also the only Zuppy that can beatbox! Hold her back button and rub her head back and forth to activate this activity and watch as her eyes turn into equalizers. Play Games You can even play interactive games with your Zoomer Zuppy! Scarlet?s eyes will light up when you play Ping Pong, Brick Breaker, Bop It, and Higher Lower together. Playing more games will keep Scarlet engaged and happy! Zoomer Zuppies, The 'just for me puppy' Zoomer Zuppies are your personal interactive puppies that love to play with you. The more you play, the more you unlock. Each pup has their own secret tricks, games, music modes and unique ways to play. Nurture them with attention and they will share their love and happiness through their eyes and sounds. Why You'll Love Zoomer Zuppies Like a real puppy, each Zuppy has a unique personality Zuppies experience different emotions and moods They react to movement and touch Just like a real puppy, Zuppies love to play and will reward you with happy barks and panting noises Zoomer Zuppies are for children aged 5-years and above who can?t wait to adopt a real puppy. Require 3 AAA batteries for operation (not included). Instruction booklet included.

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